Tuesday, 28 March 2017

52 Best Patterns & UML Interview Questions and Answers

Patterns & UML Interview Questions and Answers

  1. What are design patterns?
  2. What is MVC, MVP and MVVM pattern?
  3. What is MVVM?
  4. What is Service Oriented architecture?
  5. What are advantages of using UML?
  6. What does Agile mean?
  7. Can you explain different roles in SCRUM?
  8. What is CAR (Causal Analysis and Resolution)?
  9. How do you handle change request?
  10. People in your project do not perform, what will you do?
  11. How do you start a project?
  12. Which design patterns have you used in your project?
  13. What is MVC pattern?
  14. What is the difference between MVC, MVP and MVVM and when to use what?
  15. What are different ways you can pass data between tiers?
  16. How did you implement UML in your project?
  17. What is SCRUM?
  18. When should we choose Agile and when should we choose waterfall?
  19. What is DAR (Decision Analysis and Resolution)?
  20. What is internal change request?
  21. What is black box testing and White box testing?
  22. How did you do resource allocations?
  23. Can you explain singleton pattern?
  24. How can we implement MVC in ASP.NET?
  25. What is three-tier architecture?
  26. What is UML?
  27. What are different phases in a software life cycle?
  28. What does product owner, product back log and sprint mean in SCRUM?
  29. What are some of the important metrics in project?
  30. What is a fish bone diagram?
  31. What is difference between SITP and UTP in testing?
  32. What is the difference between Unit testing, Assembly testing and Regression testing?
  33. How will you do code reviews?
  34. Can you explain Façade pattern?
  35. What is MVP?
  36. Have you ever worked with Microsoft Application Blocks, if yes then which?
  37. How many types of diagrams are there in UML?
  38. Can you explain different software development life cycles?
  39. Can you explain how SCRUM flows?
  40. What is effort variance?
  41. What is Pareto principle?
  42. Which software have you used for project management?
  43. What is V model in testing?
  44. What is CMMI?
  45. What are the five levels in CMMI?
  46. What is function point estimation?
  47. What is SIX sigma?
  48. How did you estimate by using function points ?
  49. What are DMAIC and DMADV?
  50. What is the FP per day in your current company?
  51. What are the various ways of doing software estimation ?
  52. What is SMC approach of estimation?


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