Friday, 21 December 2018

How to Setup And Install AngularJS

AngularJS setup and Installation
We need to setup the environment for AngularJS development.
To start development with AngularJS, you can setup or install AngularJS via two ways.
You need to open and there will be option like below.

There is two ways to setup the AngularJS. you can see both option in above.

1:- View on GitHub 
2:- Download AngularJS

1:- View on GitHub: - if you are using this options, then it  will take us to GitHub site where you can see clear instruction on how to take checkout from there and setup the same at our end.

You can also access GitHub for the AngularJS by using this link.
2:- Download AngularJS
When you clicking on the download AngularJS link, a popup box will open like below where you can download.

Now let us understand what options are in the download popup box –
Branch – Branch contains the version of the AngularJS with latest and stable version. you can see there is  1.6.x is latest and 1.2.X is the stable version of AngularJS framework.

– This is providing format which can be downloaded as Minified, Uncompressed or Zip AngularJS library.

– CDN basically stands for Content Delivery Network which provides the facility to host your files (static files) on distributed servers rather than hosting them on a single server. There are number of free CND are provided by different providers like Microsoft, Google etc

– This command based method to add AngularJS, first install bower to your system using “$ npm install -g bower” (supposing you already have installed npm). And then get AngularJS by the given command “bower install angular#1.3.14”.Npm- or you can easily use the npm command to add AngularJS

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